there goes my hero

MY friend Garby's friend Julie went with her friend Larissa to Seattle Comicon.
Here's Larissa dressed as sexy Cthulu giving Wil Wheaton the thumbs up.
They're on Dlisted today (it's Mr. Ensign Crusher's birthday!).

Mad props to Larissa, I don't know which one of them's my bigger hero right now.


This series of runners pre and post run from French photographer, Sacha Goldberger (famous for photographing his grandma as a superhero).

dog days of summer

This is fun. Hot dogs playing with a hose. Found on facebook courtesy of my old friend, Kathleen Cassidy, who is, among other things, a petsitter in Ottawa. They're all so good it was really hard to pick a favourite.

here's a heads up

Google+ is already giving me social media fatigue. I've barely used the thing. But I feel compelled to 'add' people to my circles. Duh. Why am I more connected, less connected than I ever was. Anyway, news abounds that google is planning to fold blogger into the new social media platform in hopes that it'll bolster its bid to go after the facebook crowd.

If that happens, just a note that I'll drop the curtain on the shift show. It's been a really fun distraction, but I'm feeling the pull back to longer paragraphs!

cool things totally happening

Too incredible. A cool art piece and ingenius vid from the THIS IS IT collective (a group of illustrators, animators, artists and designers out of the UK).

I love the licorice allsorts and the funky germs.


Red Bull transported a few of the world's best free runners to Verzasca, Switzerland, turned them loose on the river's beginning-of-time landscape and then filmed them.

The result looks crazily primal and fun, like something I wish our species had naturally evolved to do (one of the guys totally sports a tail). The fun really gets going at 2:08.

Parkour to the corner store anyone?

look at this sick underwater resort in the maldives

Just look at it.


skateboarding in india

Not all creative guys are skateboarders and not all skateboarders are creative guys, but if you get a group of dudes together to work on a creative project, a 100 bucks says among the suggestions there will always be, "let's go film ourselves skateboarding somewhere cool," or, "let's take some really beautiful black and white shots of someone doing a kick flip."

And ever since my first crush asked me to film him and his friends doing ollies in the parking lot, I've eaten it right up.

French Director, Guilhem Machenaud kicks, pushes and coasts in Jaipur for Oxelo Skateboards.

life's a beach

Onscreen bank heists are forevermore perpetrated by dudes in floppy cartoonish caricature masks: Kathryn Bigelow's 100% pure adrenaline masterpiece Point Break was released on this day in 1991.

Who could forget Bodhi and Utah? The cultish on-the-edge-lifestyle worship pre-dating X game culture? The pseudo gay overtones between the two leads masked by surfer lingo and punctuated by long awkward breath-holding, lingering stares and overcompensating masculine bravado? And all of it wrapped up in a cinematic love letter to California's pacific steez.

Here's some fun trivia: Matthew Broderick was originally offered the role of Johnny Utah! Thank Buddah they gave it to Keanu - his best film ever by a long shot.

"Babes. The correct term is babes, Sir." Happy 20th birthday, Point Break.


This fake 'behind the scenes' piece that's actually a Heineken ad starring Guillaume Dolmans playing himself.

show off

Parisian tattoo artist, K.A.R.L. created the 'world's first' self-animating tattoo [don't rippling muscles and jiggling flab count??] for Ballantines. Yes, it's an ad. And yes, you need an iPhone to make it work.

OK it's fun, and I definitely smiled, but with technology continuing to proverbially flash in the pan it begs the question - who really wants a permanent QR code on their chest? Fill your boots, Marco!

get lost

On the 'fearsome and fragile' landscape of Newfoundland's remote Fogo Island, Saunders Architecture + the Shorefast Foundation built the ultimate artist's studio. The structure is 100% off-the-grid, producing its own power and recycling its own waste. It's intended for an Arts Residency Program - a workspace for artists from around the world - but I totally want to live there, don't you?