cava supernova

Spanish sparkler Freixenet just flamenco'd into my heart (and my pants) with this steamy little number for the holidays. Ole!

the adams family is 20!

Hard to believe that twenty years ago today we were gifted Anjelica Huston at her most divine, Christina Ricci at her most wide-eyed and Christopher Lloyd at his most pudgey in a movie that made every kid wish for a macabre mansion of his very own.

In '91 I was nine and wanted very badly to have an Uncle Fester - then I crapped my pants when I realized he was the same guy from Back to the Future.

Happy 20th anniversary, The Adams Family! (Honorable mention: Disney's Beauty and the Beast, also released on this day in 1991.)

lip circus

Texas-based Artist, Paige Thompson paints cute animals on puffy mouths. Pucker up!

in everything you do, always be yourself

I took me wee Ma to see the Billy Elliot in Toronto last year, and boys, get the kleenex out if you get the chance to go because that was a spectacle of a cryfest if I'd ever seen one - especially when accompanied by Mom.

"Creative Technologist" Ted Makarewicz tried his hand at after effects with this gem, the song from the musical where Billy reads a well-worn letter from his mother.

Nice design, pairs well with tissue.


United Colors of Benetton's new ad campaign, "Unhate" is candid snaps of World Leaders greeting each other with kisses. Amusingly weird and wonderful, and strangely poignant.

the kids are all graphite

Twenty artists reinterpreted their own childhood doodles their current style for the awesomely-named 'Subtext Gallery' in San Diego. The exhibit's called 'homeroom' - one of the Artists, Nimit Malavia, also happens to be Canadian.


southbound pachyderm

WWF conservationists are trying to save the Black Rhino by repopulating its former habitats. Air Rhino at your service.


This killer montage of movie scenes shot from a 'God's Eye View' POV. See how many you recognize.

look at these rare rat pack candids

Just look at them.

You know who was awesome? These guys.


the new nude

Sayonara, you frolicking, high, bush-sporting bygone beatniks. Shove off, dulcet globular reclining nude forms from antiquity. The new nude is a keds-wearing hipster - roadtripping, cartwheeling and rollerskating through the mists and landscapes of irony. Photography by Ryan McGinley.


i'm gonna fight you, steve

Enjoy this roundup of Zissou-themed artwork from around the web.