why is robert downey jr's head pasted on these 50s pinups?

Ours is not to wonder why. Ours is but to die laughing.



The Perennial Plate spent two delicious weeks eating their way across Vietnam and condensed the tasteploration into a mouthwatering three-minute vid. 'Scuse me - must go find cock sauce.


I love this gorgeous LED snowboard flick by Jacob Sutton shot on RED cam in the French Alps for NOWNESS.com!



This killer Whitney/Robyn mashup, 'Dancing in Houston'.

Thank you, internets.

the tao of yoda

Inspirational posters for your office? Practical type in Dagoba mud from NYC Photographer, Henry Hargreaves.

throw them a bone

The good people of Toronto Animal Services South have a beautiful blog dedicated to their shelter dogs. Besides the written bits (both lovingly observational and wryly hilarious), whoever is managing the posts is a very talented amateur pet photographer.

Look at these faces!


This beaut bit of slow motion portraiture starring London by 17-year-old filmmaker, Sacha Powell. This is the next generation.