board games are like catnip for hot chicks

Look what just opened in my neighbourhood!

At Snakes and Lattes, a $5 flat fee gets you access to 1500+ classic board games.
We're going, right?


nice try, mcfly!

Nike is patenting the self-lacing awesomeness high-tops from Back to the Future 2, arguably one of the greatest films OF ALL TIME.

I want to see these kicks on coolsters everywhere by 2015 OKAY, Nike?


pause the internets

Shift Show has been on vacation since last weekend.
I'm going through a lot of old VHS tapes for your viewing pleasure - stay tuned for more jogs on the blog next week.

In the meantime, Child's Play by Pete Duffield is really cute cause I'm a nerd.

f*ck work! it's the weekend!

Catchy and totally profane type from Cee Lo Green's new album, The Lady killer.

rad habits

Today's roundup of Toronto's mayoral race news reads like an amateur rap sheet.

• Rob Ford: 'Who do you trust?' [ Toronto Star ]
• Mayoral candidate Sarah Thompson faced assault charge in 1999 [ Toronto Star ]
• Rob Ford no stranger to controversy [ Toronto Star ]
• 'Go ahead take me to jail,' Rob Ford told police [ Toronto Star ]
• Hume: Rob Ford is campaigns main attraction and sideshow all in one [ Toronto Star ]
• Rob Ford's blind spots [ Toronto Star ]
• Ford's drunk driving charge could steer his campaign into the ditch [ Globe & Mail ]
• Rob Ford and the ding of truth [ Globe & Mail ]
• De-amalgamation, sort of [ Toronto Sun ]
• Smitherman admits he had addiction problem [ Toronto Sun ]

That last one seems like it just snuck in there.

heart = broken

'Marcel the Shell with Shoes On' from Dean Fleischer-Camp.

such great plights

More new work from Jesse at one million mouths, and his new website -

congratulations world-cup-horn-blowing manfriends whose boobs are unsuspectingly exposed by Justin Timberlake [or whomever]

'Vuvuzela', 'bromance' and 'wardrobe malfunction' are now in the OED!
Also now in the OED: 'chillax', 'buzzkill' and 'defriend'.
Questionable, OED, questionable.

dancing in the dark

You could wait in line at TIFF hoping to catch Aronofsky's latest flick, a TIFF Official Selection, Black Swan, or you could wait with the rest of us - with what looks to be a perversely twisted and damaging bff relationship between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman at its core (complete with tongue), it'll probably go wide.

we may never make it to mars, unless we crawl

"...No matter how good their shape was before the astronauts left, they returned with muscle tone that resembled that of the average 80-year-old. In fact, the astronauts who were in the best shape before they launched were the most likely to come back with withered, or atrophied, muscles."

Pump it up, NASA! Stephen Hawking says the human race has no chance of survival except by propelling itself into space, and STEPHEN HAWKING IS ALWAYS RIGHT.


Photographer Steven McCurry's India & Landscapes series.

getting hit

Last year, a Joe Wright/Keira Knightley PSA was the rawest, most intense short for their cause I'd ever seen.

Y&R out of Germany ups the ante in this violently unnerving spot that decries the huge number of women who apparently fall down the stairs every single day.


team zissou adidas ad

by Justin Van Genderen

more from the 'wtf' era of music videos

Kristen Bell and her 'pet' in a new Yeasayer video from Director, Andreas Nilsson.
Click the image for the quicktime.

physic skills. i have them.

After a somewhat enjoyable second trip to see Canstage's 'Dream in High Park: Romeo and Juliet' [the 'somewhat enjoyable' part was mostly owed to a successful market stop for the superdelicious chevre and Portuguese wine I'd packed for our outdoor theatre picnic, not particularly the performance. My friend Christa actually said, "this is gay," I replied, "did you just call Romeo and Juliet gay?", "yeah," she said, "it's just so...desperate."], I swung past Queen Video on my ride home to get a real Shakespeare fix and rented Titus.

Remember Titus?

As the opening credits rolled, I started wondering about Director, Julie Taymor, who made one of my favourite films ever after Titus - Frida - but then followed it up with the sentimental Beatles tributary/love story crowd-pleaser that made me think she'd gone a bit soft - Across the Universe - still, great film, but not much to hope for in the way of a bloody good time after that trajectory, and no signs of life since with just two films in over a decade.

I was thinking, 'hmmm, hey, Julie Taymor when are you going to make another killer Bard-eriffic Shakespeare adaptation'?

Well guess what?

Fuck yeah.

Spotted today on her imdb page, with Helen Mirren (!), Djimon Hounsou (!), Alfred Molina (!) and Russell Brand (?).
Opens December. I'll probably see it twice.


I am so so sorry.
That last post needs a unicorn chaser.
Hermanos Inglesos presents: animals tripping out [and possibly, unicorns doing it].
Enjoy all weekend long!

damn grinderman, you scary

I remember overhearing this terrifying woman on the sidewalk outside a Nick Cave concert, blue/red lipsticked thin lipped lips sucking on a cigarette, telling anyone who would listen that she used to 'hang out with him back in England and in New York, and so-and-so and so-and-so, and they were all pals'.

She looked like an aging cracked-plastic version of a horny 60s housewife in a gaudy baby blue dress scooped way too low like a heaving sling under a stretched leathery d├ęcolletage.

"...and blah blah, and Nick was like this, and Nick was like that, blah blah..."

The really interesting thing was the way her wacky ping pong separate-direction eyeballs and every prematurely-deep wrinkle showing through the pancake all seemed to totally confirm her story - a skin-writ history of late nights doing GOD KNOWS WHAT crazy groupie shit with Nick Cave and his entourage.

Anyway, my point is, Nick Cave is kinda scary-awesome and it'd probably be really cool to hang out with him, except there's likely a point-of-no-return where you'd get hypnotized and the scary-crazy would take over you FOREVER.

Case in point: wtf is happening in this video for Grinderman? It's like Diane Arbus and the first Highlander film puked up and someone made a low-budget 50s drive-in horror with the mess.

kebapocalypse now

MeatWater? Apparently, it's 'dinner in a bottle'!

My head's going to explode, can someone please let me know what's happening here?
Is this is work of a talented designer with too much time on his/her hands, or can I really have venison confit-flavoured survival drink [ladies' choice]?

be mesmerized

Cartoon Rorschach kaleidoscope hypnosis for your brain.
"Love and Theft" animation by Andreas Hykade.
Thank God I don't smoke pot.

going, going...

GO! is gone.

Brent Brambury hosted his last GO! broadcast on CBC Radio, June 22, and I'm sad to see this bit of Saturday morning hilarity and delight pass into the archives of radio history. Over the years tons of my friends and acquaintances have special-guest-starred on the show, and in the last year of broadcast my close friend Nana became GO's eponymous 'Contest Girl' (Contest Nana, actually).

Time for favourite moments.

See ya, GO!

what would douglas coupland do?

He'd bring an orca-pixel sculpture to the people, and they would rejoice.
(Seriously, what doesn't Douglas Coupland do?)


does it again. and again. and again.

Filmmaker, Joseph Kahn's newest latest for Eminem.
The unseen hand behind the careers, visual impact and impressions of every charting artist you care about.

opening titles whore

I love opening titles.
Sometimes I love them more than the actual movie.
Case in point: the first ten minutes of 2004's Dawn of the Dead remake, which wrap up with KILLER titles set to Johnny Cash's 'when the man comes around', were basically better than any full feature-lengther that year (and also a prelude to the awesomer highlights to come from Director Zack Snyder's oeuvre).

Check 'em out here.

But today I'm in love with How to Make it in America. It's like if Terry Richardson went back in time and shot docu-style motion with Philip-Lorca diCorcia in the early 80s with Scorsese aspirations. Except it's so very now.

roller town

The Halifamous Roller Town trailer if you haven't seen it already - written/ directed / edited by Andrew Bush!