gay the video

I'm not sure if I love the track but the vid is an 80s buddy-cop film homage/gay sendup that's way too fun.

wtf, north korea!

" in South Korea said the players got off lightly by North Korean standards.
'In the past, North Korean athletes and coaches who performed badly were sent to prison camps,' a South Korean intelligence source told the Chosun Ilbo newspaper."

kemit tesoro

Skull heels and candy-drip dress from new Philippine Designer, Kemit Tesoro. I'd do it.


the gaga boom

You don't even realize what a miniscule cog you are in the Gaga machine when you're simply debating her outfit choices.
Say what you will, she's the most successful market manipulator, music monetizer and poptrepreneur since MJ.

zack snyder

So Zack just woke up one morning, and while he was whisking the eggs for his three-pepper omelette he thought: 'you know what I really like? Hot chicks. Wait, no, like hot blonde anime-esque burlesque chicks! Who dance. Yeah. And fight and have guns. And samurai swords. And I like dragons and shit. And crazyassed dream sequences with WWII fighter jets mashed up with all those Roman column sets from 300 I still have. Hey, 300 was a really good movie. I'm fucking Zack Synder. Oh, I like robots too! Damn, hot chicks and robots and dragons and zeppelins on fire and shit.'

Or at least that's what I like to imagine.

pop win

After a five-year hiatus, Robyn dropped her latest {'Body Talk Part 1'} earlier this summer, and it's sheer dance-to-it pleasure at its pop perfection best. Why she isn't more famous might have something to do with her road-less-traveled intelligent and sometimes gritty/pretty lyrics, thoughtful sound and 'don't care' aesthetic - or possibly it's as simple as my friend Mark Palermo's explanation that she just isn't good looking enough and sex is what sells.

Oh damn. I think it's hot. Just go with it.

sad keanu

Now you can have your own!


alone together

I have on occasion just wanted to slip on a pair of elbow-length opera gloves and mime pulling long languid puffs from a cigarette holder from behind a frosty black pair of cat-eyed shades in ditavonteeseesque makeup. This is second best. Enjoy the Chet Baker buzz.

nuit fantastique

Nuit Blanche was hands down the most fun I had last year.

This year's program was announced yesterday and it's promising to be even more fantastical, with Yonge Street completely shuttered from Bloor to Front to turn it into a massive ARTERRIFIC promenade, and zones encompassing the entire downtown.

We're likely to be found deep in the west end, where Toronto Artist, Max Streicher will be squeezing giant inflated vinyl clown heads into slim alleyways, and New York-based Filmmaker, Julia Loktev is installing some sure-to-be uncomfortable videos of actors attempting to cry on cue.

Chasing around, laughing like mad all night.

you know I dreamed about you

Set to The National's iconic and beautiful tune, Slow Show, which gets me every single time, "Out of a Forest" is an amazing bit of stop motion loveliness. Sort of a coming-of-age tragedy that explores wonderment and fear. And the 'world in a world' twist is a beaut bookend.
Reminds me of being fourteen, losing my way on the pitch dark path to the home brew fort the boys had made to smoke pot in, and stopping to stare up at moon, afraid but thrillingly alive with expectation.

rude 1930s art deco bike

The sound of a good motorcycle engine creeps into my chest and vibrates there like the low rumbling of a prowling predator. Except the instinctive reaction isn't fear - it's sex. Imagine how tuned on you'd get if you were in the same room as this delicious animal all revved up?

Sick. It's a restored deco ride from 1936. Hit up Knucklebuster for more shots and info.

small idea, big fantasy

I wonder what came first, the strikingly simple revelation from professional skater, Steve Berra, or the concept for the ubercool effect of flame paired with a dreamy docu-real feeling film of skaters in unadulterated and unapologetic urban landscapes, but it's clear the resulting fantasy factor is huge. It's so beyond stunning, I sort of don't even care that it's actually an advertisement for a new Coke-brand energy drink called 'Burn'.

Jaw-dropping gorgeousness, fire, boys - take a moment for the whole series at

This particular one comes from Director, Garth Davis.