new york in the 80s

A set on flickr that comes thundering from the past in eye-popping kodachrome - by street Photographer, Steven Siegel.


This stunning Bravo!FACT promo for the National Ballet of Canada choreographed by/starring Toronto's resident Adonis-and-genius dancer, Guillaume Côté.

Directed by Ben Shirinian over at Hard Citizen.

It's like watching a force made of fluid dance underwater.

famous photos pleasantville'd

Swedish artist, Sanna Dullaway photoshops some of the world's most iconic images from black and white to colour.

Wait let me check.. yeah, Che's still hot.


look at this cool spaghetti measuring stick

Just look at it.

It's called 'I could eat a horse'.

{via The Fox Is Black.}

pogo is freeeeeeeeeesh!

Remix VJ genius, Pogo's Fresh Prince supercut is SO GOOD! Jaaaam!

downhill from here

It's a snow day in Toronto, finally! Brought my ski gear back from the Maritimes - time to hit the slopes.
For those of you feeling similar inspiration - a segment from Sherpas Cinemas' award-winning short, 'All.I.Can'.

hot molasses

New Brunswick fancy molasses brand, Crosby's (which I used to put in my horse's bran mash) just unleashed a hilarious double entendre campaign featuring none other than your wee Grandma. (Anyone know who the agency is?) M5 out of Moncton and St. John's came up with these.

I saw them in bar washrooms in Moncton over the holidays and was in stitches. Molasses is cool now, right you guys?

magnum p eye

Eve Arnold died today.

In the early 50s when the nuclear post-war woman was supposed to helm the easy bake and be the first to hand her husband a maritini, Arnold was a serious female photojournalist. She was the first woman to earn a spot at Magnum - one of the pioneer Photography Agencies. Speaking of 'pioneer', the woman had killer chutzpah. But most of all she had an eye for visual storytelling.

Her enduring legacy are probably the celebrity candids she captured - especially the ones exposing Marilyn Monroe's sad and mesmerizing vulnerability.

Arnold was 99.

"You can’t make a great musician or a great photographer if the magic isn’t there."


The sweet cover that my friend & Comic-Creator, Jesse Jacobs, created for his new book. Coming this spring. Well played.

our portraits, ourselves

It's year 14 of Toronto-based Artist, Jeff Harris's epic self-documentary, 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting... - all shot on a wee Olympic Stylus 35mm film camera.

Epic dude is epic.

(Check out his website too, it's fun.)

~follow link to watch~

it's a new year

Happy New Year, internets!

I had a whirlwind break and stayed offline for almost ten days. But now it's time to go back to reality, no pressure or anything.

Thought I'd kick off the new year on the blog casualstyles with some kinetic type - an xmas gift from Cali film student, Joe Humpay to his gf.

Maybe it was sitting in front of Chagall's Double Portrait with a Wine Glass at the AGO yesterday, but I'm feeling sorta romantical.

Cue the Beach Boys. Tres cute. May 2012 bring you love, happiness and success all year long!