This song and video, Directed by Yoann Lemoine for Woodkid. *UPDATE: Yoann Lemoine is Woodkid
Surreally beautiful and completely transfixing.


Just a public service announcement for fellow Torontonians that Back to the Future will be playing at the Lightbox this Saturday, 2PM - part of Twitch's Back to the 80s series.

I'll be riding up in my Delorean.

TO artist, Justin Erickson made a commemorative poster for the event that you could win at the screening.


I'd go full lesbian

My girl crush throughout highschool and university was then still-baby-faced Angelina Jolie, who sported an effortless pixie cut and exuded the kind of seriously-dangerous wild sexual energy I wanted to be identified with [what 18 year old with an attitude problem wouldn't?]. She was also way badass, like, concealed-weapon badass. But she grew up. And now in her late 30s she's moulded a skinny/chilly exterior that looks razor sharp enough to cut. Oh she's still a goddess, but she's almost too perfect, she's lost that deep sexy kiss-you-or-kill-you vibe and become more of a marble statue. And I don't know if 'Goodwill Ambassador' screams badass the way "you're young, you play with knives, shit happens" screams it.


I guess it sort of says something that my main girl-crush these days is Keira Knightley. And I crush pretty hard. She still has that slightly dark sexual allure, but she keeps it just under the surface - and she's stunningly pretty, but somehow not TOO pretty - she can rock a catsuit or a victorian wig and elements of her persona still shine through - read 'in control', 'passionate', 'elegant', 'intelligent' and 'powerful'.

Director, Joe Wright loves to work with her, and they're a palpable combo (they'll be reteaming for remakes of both Anna Karenina and - rumoured - My Fair Lady).

Here's the new Chanel spot they collaborated on. All 3+ minutes of it are deliciousness.
If you asked me back in '99 if I ever thought I'd have wet panties for a pastel-lit Parisienne perfume commercial, I would've laughed hysterically and swished away in my black pleather pants.
But I guess I grew up.
This is hot.

the situation

I read craigslist's Missed Connections for distraction and daydream purposes on occasion and Imma call you out for BS if you say you never do.

I like to imagine how lovely it would be to see a post from someone who caught your eye, and find out that in the whole wide world, you also caught theirs - it's serendipity for the twitter set, online kismet in digestible doses (sometimes it's also a train wreck, which is equally entertaining).

So now there's an app to pre-arrange your kismet connection so you won't miss it.

The Situationalist basically lets you announce your geographical location to the apps 'members' audience along with an encounter-based challenge you select from a list. The missions are harmless, but an enticing kind of fun - like 'write down your first impression of me and hand it to me discreetly'.

Among the more common stories the next generation will hear from their parents on how they met: dating sites, twitter, facebook and iphone apps.


one minute puberty

Accurate? I never had a penis, so I can't be sure, but my weird jumbled recollection of junior high and highschool tells me: yea.

Well done.

From bitteschö


This strikingly adorable series from Photographer, Ron Gessel of snowy monkeys in Nagano, Japan.


tic doc

Our Director/Photographer, Darrin Klimek, made this incredible and breathtakingly-shot short documentary for the Tourettes Foundation - it's a moving portrait of a young man named Mandeep who lives with the syndrome - I got emotional watching it - caution, NSFW and potentially disturbing subject matter, but a must-watch.

Click the image to play (new window).

whore for a chef

I love me a new restaurant, an inspired dish and a culinary buzz - luckily we have many and much of all of the above in Toronto, and all the Chefs that go along with.

Indie Green Grocer, Fiesta Farms is right across the street from my apartment. They have the best produce in the city outside a farmer's market and a pretty decent blog.

They also like to bring hot Chefs by and film them shopping.

This was for Community Food Centre,'The Stop', and their Chef Challenge.

Thank you, Fiesta Farms (can I get a headsup next time?)


Terry Richardson shot Lady Gaga (maybe NSFW).

Anyone surprised?

Also, does anyone really find her attractive? Terry Richardson, probably.


This film is already a cult classic and it hasn't even premiered yet.

(Also, the lead's name is 'Riley', how cool is that?)

Co-written by Mark Palermo and Joseph Kahn and Directed by Kahn. KAHN!!!!