I'd go full lesbian

My girl crush throughout highschool and university was then still-baby-faced Angelina Jolie, who sported an effortless pixie cut and exuded the kind of seriously-dangerous wild sexual energy I wanted to be identified with [what 18 year old with an attitude problem wouldn't?]. She was also way badass, like, concealed-weapon badass. But she grew up. And now in her late 30s she's moulded a skinny/chilly exterior that looks razor sharp enough to cut. Oh she's still a goddess, but she's almost too perfect, she's lost that deep sexy kiss-you-or-kill-you vibe and become more of a marble statue. And I don't know if 'Goodwill Ambassador' screams badass the way "you're young, you play with knives, shit happens" screams it.


I guess it sort of says something that my main girl-crush these days is Keira Knightley. And I crush pretty hard. She still has that slightly dark sexual allure, but she keeps it just under the surface - and she's stunningly pretty, but somehow not TOO pretty - she can rock a catsuit or a victorian wig and elements of her persona still shine through - read 'in control', 'passionate', 'elegant', 'intelligent' and 'powerful'.

Director, Joe Wright loves to work with her, and they're a palpable combo (they'll be reteaming for remakes of both Anna Karenina and - rumoured - My Fair Lady).

Here's the new Chanel spot they collaborated on. All 3+ minutes of it are deliciousness.
If you asked me back in '99 if I ever thought I'd have wet panties for a pastel-lit Parisienne perfume commercial, I would've laughed hysterically and swished away in my black pleather pants.
But I guess I grew up.
This is hot.


  1. I miss your pleather.

    And I can't wait until we're 40 and we look back on your current I-forgot-to-wear-pants phase and laugh.

  2. except we'll probably be laughing at me for something else by then.

    I totally checked, and I don't own pants!