The neon mane tossing in Andrew McGibbon's stunner horse photography series. Also I really want to own some.


You may not know its name, but buried deep in the pop culture receptors of your brain is instant recognition for the hottest camera technique to come out of the last decade - The Big Freeze.

The rig with the batman-villaineque moniker is devious simple: a ring of DSLRs (all pointing inward at the subject of the scene) shoot a rapid-fire sequence traveling around the ring.  What you get when you put all the images together is something that looks like you've 'stopped time' - the action in the center of the ring seems to be frozen.

Like Neo dodging those bullets in The Matrix, ya know?

So some geniuses combo'd The Big Freeze with hipster-music-video-styles light painting.  The results are beeeeautiful!

Filmmaker, James W Griffiths makes a compelling case for traveling solo.

Up for a Vimeo award.

alpha malevolence

The ABCs of your favourite Monsters on film. "Dedicated to all the Monsters who screwed our nights."


These awesome Skype print ads that rip into facebook and twitter (and basically explain my sense of the main thing I think is totally wrong in my life and the world in general).