35 movies in 2 minutes

Can you get 'em all?

I recognized quite a few, but it's tough.

Taking simplistic stripped-down graphic representations to the next level with motion.
A short from Hannover design student, Pascal Monaco + friends.

poised to 'go viral'

Our new Director at Hooligan, Martin Waltz, is about to hit a million views on youtube with his spec for Minecraft - 'Diamonds'.

I knew he could do it - a guy with vision - Director to watch!

old school still

Buenos Aires-based Photographer Irina Werning shoots her family and friends recreating their childhood photos in 'Back to the Future'.

There's something about this last one.


le piano de chat

This pretty little short (and internet meme nod) from The People's Republic of Animation is perfectly narrated by the crooner of my dreams, Nick Cave - is there anything he doesn't do?

Maybe it's actually unfortunate for all the red-blooded boys out there that Germany stopped making the cat organ back in the 1800s or so - since I can only imagine the totally lewd nude-women-as-piano keys ads we'd be getting from PETA today in response if it were still around. Oh wait, La Senza already did that.

This was short-listed for the Oscar, but did not make the cut.


I basically want to to this so badly, my heart hiccuped just watching it.

'Swingling' in Moab, Utah.

unhinged and on ice

This time of year I'm compulsively carrying around Neutrogena's NORWEGIAN FORMULA® comfort cream. Usually around the last week in January, the bitter city wind starts to crack my cold-lashed cuticles to the quick (it doesn't help that all winter I've been wearing ineffectual and totally useless gloves chosen for their looks and not for how warm they're able to keep my digits). My nails stop growing and start splitting, and my knuckles could basically sand a bench.

Last week I rapped my hand against a fruit cart at the market, and didn't feel it happen, or even know it had been bleeding until I looked down and spotted the red-brown stained crescent moon circling the front pocket of my already coffee-stained white pea coat (the coat went in the trash).

The only thing that seems to combat the slow outside-in destruction of my poor hands by old manic winter is to slather them with salve every five minutes.

That's my 'Norwegian formula' for surviving the chill.
Actual Norwegians on the other hand, are doing something completely different.

burger motherload

Serious Eats is blogging a series of posts featuring the recipes on full deliciously glorious display in Modernist Cuisine - a sumptuous feast-for-the-eyes 5-volume cookbook that will set you back nearly $700. I would so totally buy this book if I had a proportionately expensive coffee table to set it on. The food photography alone is mind-boggling, I mean the word 'exquisite' doesn't even seem adequate.

Serious Eats' first look is a burger that blows the top off term 'creative juices' - my tongue got hit with a salivation tsunami when I saw it and I can't even smell the damn thing.

From the blog post - top to bottom, here's what's on it:

  • A top bun, made from scratch, toasted in rendered beef suet.

  • Burger glaze made from an emulsified mix of suet, stock, tomato, and smoked salt. Something like meatonnaise.

  • Maitake mushroom, sliced into a burger-sized round, sauteed in beef suet.

  • Romaine lettuce, sliced into a medallion and infused under pressure with condensed hickory smoke.

  • Heirloom tomato, compressed in a vacuum bag to concentrate its flavor and texture.

  • Cheese slice made by emulsifying Emmental and ComtĂ© cheese into a base of wheat ale, then pouring onto silicone, and slicing. This is an idea cribbed from Heston Blumenthal's playbook.

  • The burger, made from short rib ground and formed into a log so that the grain aligns vertically (another Blumenburger technique). The patty gets cooked sous-vide in suet, dropped in a liquid nitrogen bath, then immediately deep fried to crisp the exterior without overcooking the center.

  • Crimini mushroom ketchup flavored with honey, horseradish, fish sauce, ginger, and allspice.
    The bottom bun.

    Ho Lee faking burger HEAVEN!

    Can't wait to see the next post.

    Click to see it up close on Serious Eats' site.

  • awkward/awesome

    I don't know why, but I find these candid portraits of perfect strangers touching each other completely heartwarming.

    From Street Photographer, Richard Renaldi.