trip the lightning fantastic

Last night there was a helluva light show over Toronto. Definitely the best/worst of 2011 - plenty of assaults on the CN Tower, presumably by the Norse God himself, as strike after strike strobe-lit the skyline.

Cinematographer, Jon Simonassi captured intense video of the whole thing for the amusement of the whole intrawebs. Greased lightning!

bye jack

A tribute to the NDP's charismatic former Leader, Jack Layton in photos found around the web. Jack died today after a long struggle battling cancer. He embodied the 'true north, strong and free' with the best smile and a fierce passion for politics, and social equity and justice unmatched by anyone in government here or abroad. RIP Jack. Today Canada is in mourning.


These dual-visage [dueling visage?] family portraits from Photographer, Ulric Collette.

Mother & Daughter

Sister & Brother

Father & Son


Identical Twin Sisters

Snow in New Zealand

On the 15th heavy snows blanketed Wellington, NZ. And while it's technically their winter and our summer, rain is typical - snowstorms just aren't. Documentarians were out en masse to capture the rarity. I like the reactions in this particular vid by Ro Tierney.


If you haven't seen this yet, you must watch - 'Move' by Rick Mereki.