These playing cards by Artist, Felix Blommestijn.



New Zealand BMXer, Jed Mildon stomped the sport's FIRST triple flip on the weekend.

Try not to puke.

epic rap battles of history

I feel like the internets were really made for stuff like this.

The auto-tune is so beautifully wrong.


Danish Photographer, Nicolai Howalt must have traveled specifically to the UK's northern coal mining towns to find these young scrappers and photograph them pre and post fight for his series '141 Boxers'.

In some of these it seems possible to actually see exactly what got knocked out of them. Or into them. Striking?

More on his website.

along came a spider

A stunning animation from Directors, Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck and Csaba Letay of Polynoid.
So richly detailed and real-seeming, even the light diffusion is perfect.

When you think about, a spider's whole predatory M.O. is scarily effective. Way to go, evolution.

If you're not paralyzed with fear at the thought of an arachnid, go fullscreen mode for this one.

hipster ariel



This insanely intense and textural self-portrait series by Photographer, Luca Pierro.

I think good self-portraiture is a high art, while the bad examples are still beautiful - like car crash gazing.


white cat of eastwick

Sister Wife by midwest indie upstart, Alex Winston and video by Director Duo, That Go! are a witchy gingham carnival. Make sure you hang in there until 2:15 or so when a delicious bit of WTF really kicks in.

And you sort of can't beat this amazing still from the vid, which, I know, totally screams desktop background.


This list of the 50 top personal ads placed in the LA Times Magazine.

Probably mostly fake, but the idea of a few lonely writers trying top each other's irony in coded shortform from their low-lit desks and their broken typewriters reaffirms my faith in the creative force of a city's noir-esque artistic underbelly.


lob star

I got a new print framed for my kitchen. I think it explains my culinary obsessions pretty tidily.

have a hairy long weekend!

My deep love for ironic facial hair just got a boost from Norway, where the BBC was on hand to report that a German hairdresser had won 'world's best beard' at the World Beard and Moustache Championship in Trondheim. Elmar Weisser beat out 160 other facial-hair wearers when he sculpted his beard into the shape of a reindeer.

It's just too good.

genius steals

Especially Quentin Tarantino, who's been known to lift schtick shot for shot right down to the framing, from Godard to Truffaut to the Directors of every single Jidaigeki film ever made in Japan in the 70s. Probably NSFW.

who run it? you run it, mom

'Portfolio Night' is an annual advertising industry event held in May, with the festivities happening simultaneously in cities around the globe.

Creative students who've worked all year on their advertising portfolios meet with influential, working Creative Directors from the real world who give them an expertly helpful critique of their stuff (and maybe even get an inside track on a their first gig).

For three years running, the Hooligans have crashed the party in one way or another - this year we put together this hilarious and unscripted promo featuring what your Mom thinks of your portfolio.

If you've never cared about advertising this might be lost on you, but if you've toiled all year to master being 'on brand' and 'the big idea', here's a laugh. You've earned it.

the romantical side in me

Sometimes secretly wins.

By animator, Ryan Woodward. Thanks, Amber J for posting.

looks like rain in PA, but they're never right about the weather

Well I'm taking off to Pennsylvania to run a marathon this weekend. So I dug the heck out of this short doc, 'Stray Dog', about new marathoner and awesomely-named underground country music maker, Jonny Corndawg.

"...this is a bad idea, this is such a bad idea, do you know how bad it is for a person to run a marathon?"

"So why are you doing it?"

"Because I talked so much bullshit about it."

From Vimeo:

Meet Jonny Corndawg, the underground country-music legend. A born-and-bred Virginian, Jonny has played on five continents in as many years, and every state in the lower 48. Now Jonny has given himself over, heart and heel, to the world of Running.

Like most country musicians, Jonny spends more time on the road than on terra firma, more on stage than off, but with all that, Jonny is gaining a name for waking up daily, before and after every show, and burning ten miles while bandmates sleep off their evenings. Imagine Hank Williams Jr. from the belt up, Steve Prefontaine from the waistband down, throw in a gallon of water and a knack for showmanship, and what do you get? One of the great American vitalists, Jonny Corndawg.

Jonny let us follow him on a tour down the California coast as he braved injury and isolation on his quest to complete the Surf City USA Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA.


You can hear the deep boom of distant waves in Australian photographer, Stuart Gibson's surf photography.

His work reminds me of my favourite commercial of all time [yes, I said it] for Guinness, below - from Sexy Beast Director, Jonathan Glazer.

Surfing in OZ is probably OK, I guess.

ye olde brand new website

We connivingly chalked up Toronto sidewalks today to promote the new website at Hooligan Filmworks [oh, just the pet project I've been creatively pushing all over my desk and up the wall for the last few months]!

Here are some pics we snapped, including one of me looking like the smooth criminal's completely-lost sidekick.

The Hooligans: we few, we happy few, we band of buggered!