beep blerp boop

Ratatat's new vid for 'Neckbrace' reminds me of the low-fi internets of a bygone era, with the long-lost awesomesauceness of htmls like 'banana phone' and 'dancing groundhogs'.

I miss those internets.

un isolation

Breathtaking short film, 'Orion House' - stark yet beautifully-embracing imagery from filmmaker, Christopher Hewitt - tells the tale of how two lives serendipitously collide on a grey day in the inner streets of London.

This is the deeply indescribable something we all wish would happen.

Real magic.

*hard to believe this is an advert for LG, isn't it?

the big three d

By now you've probably caught what Ralph Lauren called "the world's first '4D' projection" [um, dudes, what about THIS? And excuse, but which dimension is the 4th one in particular? Way to get greedy with your number of dimensions] -applying the 3D projection tech in advertising form was inevitable - let the year of 3D projections begin!

Saks kicked off the best of the rest with its new xmas display this month.

Soon these will be retail de-rigeur, and no major flagship store will be without one. Visual diarrhea? The extent is endless.

rolling in the deep

New Favourite song - from Adele's album, 21, set for release in January.

This is crying out for a dope remix.

ps. sorry I linked to myspace.

making moves 101

I recently discovered Patrick Watson and instantly fell in love - how did I not know about him? His music is like Jeff Buckley made a lovechild with Sufjan Stevens in the arcade of some eerie antique carnival and called the baby 'pop'. It's a sortof sexy lullaby easy listening euro-soul slo-mo dreamsound.

Here's Brett Novak awesomely directing killer skater, Killian Martin to a Patrick Watson soundtrack.

for those who love them

Boobs, now in 3D. It's a book. Glasses included. I'm not sure what else to say about that.


may the force [of typography] be with you

Design/Star Wars geeks, you may wet your pants now.


rise and fall

Every two years, Spain's Tarragona Province hosts the 'Concurs de Castells' - a human tower competition where 'Casteller' teams from all over Catalonia get together to see who can build the highest, most sophisticated human pyramid.

Photog, Mike Randolph caught this year's festival - the astonishing strength and daring - and the big falls, which make this sport look scary as hell.


When I saw this, I was stunned, have you ever seen commercial for kitchen countertops look quite so unimaginably beautiful?

Directed and shot by Alex Roman from ThirdSeventh.

*UPDATE: It's ALL in farking CG for fak's sakes! When did a CG lemon ever look so.... NOT CG???

it's monday. let me help.

Here's the 'Tarantino Mixtape' from Eclectic Method. There, your Monday doesn't suck anymore. Probably NSFW.

everything hurts so good

And more from the NYC Marathon.. ING congratulates the runners with this awesomely fit campaign.
Yeah, I been there.

Here's a tip - walking backward down the stairs really does help.

here's the nyc marathon

All runner-types know the two most famous marathons in the world: the Boston Marathon, and the New York City Marathon. They're not famous for their gorgeous views, downhills, or volunteers - it's all about entry rules.

Boston is the oldest marathon on the planet and in its early days attracted such an elbow-throwing crush of runners that they had to come up with restrictive entry rules as a way to cap the field. You have to qualify to run Boston by meeting speed requirements in your age group - pretty effective. Boston's assured that not a single person running the marathon is a newb; no amateur, 5-hour, sluggish, back-of-the-packers run Boston. The race is SO competitive now that all the spots allotted are usually snapped up and sold out in a ridiculously small window of time. Check this crazy stat from wiki about this year's race: 'on October 18, 2010, the 20,000 spots reserved for qualifiers were filled in a record-setting eight hours and three minutes.'

Ho Lee Shit.

New York is a bit different - they cap the enormous numbers attracted to the race by having a lottery, and sending the racers out in a couple of waves. How many run New York? Almost fifty-thousand. If you register for NYC but you don't earn a spot in the lottery, you're differed to try again. If after three years your luck STILL stinks, they reserve a spot for you automatically, because, geez, you've really been trying, haven't you?

In case you're wondering - my best time is 3:53. The time I'd have to make to run Boston? 3:40 and 59 seconds.

I know, that's only 12 minutes, right?

On race day, that's an eternity.

New York City 2010 happened on the 7th - here's this year's pack in time lapse.

board prodigy

This kid is only 7. If you are older than 7, you are already too old.

disney dream

Music Producer, Pogo remixes Disney films into beautiful dreamy vids-of-art.

Isn't oldschool Disney so awesome? One of my favourite classics remains forever and always, 'The Three Caballeros', which captivated me with its grandiose visions of Latin America, including larger-than-life musical numbers from Mexico's own 'Golden Age' of cinema. It actually got two musical Oscar nods in '45. The movie is single-handedly responsible for my wanderlust, all I wanted to do was explore the world after seeing it. It's begging for a remix! Someone tell Pogo.

Pogo does Snow White:

More from Pogo - Alice in Wonderland.

hallowe'en costume roundup

My friend, James of Signalnoise fame went as everyone's favourite ad man, Don Draper.

My cuz, Mykel dressed up his little one as a Jawa. I'm dying, it's so cute - and he made boing boing!

And the most hilariously offensive costume at the party? Christopher Reeves in a wheelchair. Epic. Can't wait for next year!

look at these monster pumps

Just look at them.
I want a pair badly, I'd rock them out with a wee black dress on a Saturday night.
Except for the Ugg boot version! What were they thinking? Way to take a beautiful idea and crap all over it.