the mountain

Norwegian landscape photographer, Terje Sorgjerd only slept about 10 hours over the course of one week on the top of Spain's tallest mount, El Teide, to film the Milky Way in glorious and awe-striking timelapse.

Thanks to my friend, Garby for sharing the vid and adding, "imagine if the Double Rainbow guy saw that shit?"

Whaohoooah WHOA!


The *new* animated/3D gif.
Just a magical whisper of life in an ordinary pic.
Collected from around the intrawebs for your amusement.

as if you needed another reason

Stevie Nicks sings along to an early raw cut of 'Wild Heart' on her Rolling Stone cover shoot in 1983.


Designer/Photog, Viktor Hertz's amusing series of 'honest logos'.

pulp performance

With themes of "voyeurism, sexuality and objectification," Dance/Performance Art Company, Company XIV, has created a one-hander in dance and film based around the mystique and alternating beauty and ugliness of writer, Charles Bukowski's women.

It's called Lover.Muse.Mockingbird.Whore. and it's playing [where else?] in New York City through to May.

I like the performance photos.

It's a relief to know I'm not the only one who finds his poetry grotesquely, irresistibly sexy.