the situation

I read craigslist's Missed Connections for distraction and daydream purposes on occasion and Imma call you out for BS if you say you never do.

I like to imagine how lovely it would be to see a post from someone who caught your eye, and find out that in the whole wide world, you also caught theirs - it's serendipity for the twitter set, online kismet in digestible doses (sometimes it's also a train wreck, which is equally entertaining).

So now there's an app to pre-arrange your kismet connection so you won't miss it.

The Situationalist basically lets you announce your geographical location to the apps 'members' audience along with an encounter-based challenge you select from a list. The missions are harmless, but an enticing kind of fun - like 'write down your first impression of me and hand it to me discreetly'.

Among the more common stories the next generation will hear from their parents on how they met: dating sites, twitter, facebook and iphone apps.


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  1. Speaking of encounters, heard you actually met my coworker at the Dakota.

    I'm baaaaaaaack