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After a somewhat enjoyable second trip to see Canstage's 'Dream in High Park: Romeo and Juliet' [the 'somewhat enjoyable' part was mostly owed to a successful market stop for the superdelicious chevre and Portuguese wine I'd packed for our outdoor theatre picnic, not particularly the performance. My friend Christa actually said, "this is gay," I replied, "did you just call Romeo and Juliet gay?", "yeah," she said, "it's just so...desperate."], I swung past Queen Video on my ride home to get a real Shakespeare fix and rented Titus.

Remember Titus?

As the opening credits rolled, I started wondering about Director, Julie Taymor, who made one of my favourite films ever after Titus - Frida - but then followed it up with the sentimental Beatles tributary/love story crowd-pleaser that made me think she'd gone a bit soft - Across the Universe - still, great film, but not much to hope for in the way of a bloody good time after that trajectory, and no signs of life since with just two films in over a decade.

I was thinking, 'hmmm, hey, Julie Taymor when are you going to make another killer Bard-eriffic Shakespeare adaptation'?

Well guess what?

Fuck yeah.

Spotted today on her imdb page, with Helen Mirren (!), Djimon Hounsou (!), Alfred Molina (!) and Russell Brand (?).
Opens December. I'll probably see it twice.

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