life's a beach

Onscreen bank heists are forevermore perpetrated by dudes in floppy cartoonish caricature masks: Kathryn Bigelow's 100% pure adrenaline masterpiece Point Break was released on this day in 1991.

Who could forget Bodhi and Utah? The cultish on-the-edge-lifestyle worship pre-dating X game culture? The pseudo gay overtones between the two leads masked by surfer lingo and punctuated by long awkward breath-holding, lingering stares and overcompensating masculine bravado? And all of it wrapped up in a cinematic love letter to California's pacific steez.

Here's some fun trivia: Matthew Broderick was originally offered the role of Johnny Utah! Thank Buddah they gave it to Keanu - his best film ever by a long shot.

"Babes. The correct term is babes, Sir." Happy 20th birthday, Point Break.


  1. I love Point Break. I'd name a daughter Tyler after Lori Petty's character, I'd jump out of a plane with Patrick Swayze if he were still alive, and it makes me want to follow a wave.


    Speed is Keanu's best movie. Hands down. Saw it 8 times in theatres and prettttty much know it off by heart.

  2. I think the name Bodhi is freaking hilarious too, I'd name a dog that.

    For me Point Break > Speed, just because after a few minutes of Speed I want to throttle Sandra Bullock.

    Also, Happy Birthday Hoser.