young bucks

Here's me and @SkratchBastid at Buck 65's Talkin' Honky Blues CD release party at The Marquee in Halifax back in 2003.

I was scanning old shots over the weekend, found this gem, and it made me dig out that album for a listen (the THB tunes full of gravely smokey poetics bring back loads of memories from that summer, like seeing Hurricane Juan tear down Point Pleasant Park).

It also made me want the oldschool hair crimper back.

Buck just released 20 Odd Years and I dig this fan-made music vid for the track 'Superstars Don't Love' that flips through 60 totally-fun totally-faux movie title cards.

I like him on CBC Radio 2's Drive, but I liked him even better when he was up onstage, cupping the mic and throwing glitter dust in little poufs, like a hokey musical cowboy magician.


  1. Remember that, Garbs? You were there!

  2. I do remember. And I took that photo! And you look like a baby!

    I can't believe I didn't buy a t-shirt at Buck65's Bluesfest show in Ottawa the following year. It had a buck on it and just read "Mount Fuckin Uniake" and I really wanted it, but it was $40 at a time where I made eight something an hour selling socks. Sorry, sox.