if there aren't horses in heaven, i ain't going

I rode my horse yesterday for the first time in months. I love that dude so much, I have his mug shot tattooed all across my ribs.

So when the theatrical puppet epic, War Horse (based on a novel) hit London's West End a few years ago, I heard about it from all sides - my theatre geek friends and mutual barn-goers alike. We all lamented that we'd never see the spectacle (us not being in the UK).

Life-size 'living' 'breathing' horse puppets that could be ridden! A sweeping WWI coming-of-age story about a boy and his horse!

Cue tears.

Also, cue Steven Spielberg, who knows magic storytelling when he sees it.

Here's the super interesting and totally magical TED Talk from the original South African puppet troupe who brought the War Horse story to life onstage.

And here's the beautiful looking trailer for Spielberg's version.

Christmas at home is going to be a real tearjerker this year.

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