redefining 'ultimate' in asia

A new Hotel in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands, is basically a giant surfboard 'skypark' (wider than the Tour d'Eiffel is long and large enough to house three football fields or park three jumbo jets) balanced atop three 23-story barely geometrically possible towers.

The 150 meter infinity pool, the jewel of the whole shebang, faces the Singapore skyline. On the opposite side, every room has a view of the South China Sea and all the luxury suites come complete with mini infinity whirlpools (plus butler service, obviously).

The rest of the skypark just has some faking epic atriums, lounges, restaurants, galleries and observation deck, you know, the usual.

Holy shit. Singapore anyone?


  1. Holyshitthatmakesmewanttovomit.

  2. the lucre-dripping opulence? or the heights