you had me at hobo

'The Dude Designs' did this amazing retro-vision poster for my friend, Jason Eisener and his hotly anticipated gritty feature, Hobo With a Shotgun (famous for being one of the faux-turned-real trailers from the Grindhouse/Planet Terror).

It's set to premiere at Sundance.

The Dude writes:
There was no holding back on this baby i went the full balls out 70s/80s exploitation, throwing everything into the pot, looking over every exploitation poster i did for inspirations!

My main thought process/direction for the poster was to give it a strong narrative. I mean that's what was so great and captivating about the old posters they really drew you in by visually telling you what the film was about and it was easy with this film all i had to do was say look at this cool thing here and also over here, and check out Hauer he's in it and he has a MASSIVE shotgun and he looks PISSED!!!


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