joignez la gang

Garby, this is for you.

Les gens of French custom ride-maker 'Blitz Motorcycles', and clothing from French Designer W.1910 star in this gorgeous short directed by Clement Beauvais and produced by French film co. Hush.

'Riding September' is like some gorgeous perfect world where all the boys have beards and look like scruffy young Guevaras on beautiful bikes in sunsoaked landscapes.

Could real life be like this all the time? I would never want to die ever. Allez les gas!



  1. Dirty French hipsters. LOVE IT.

    Honestly though, it's pretty beautiful, even if you take out the hot dudes. Please don't take out the hot dudes.

  2. I knew you would, because I also LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I sent you the song.
    Diiirrrttyy, and coookkkiiinng and wine and french and beards.
    I'm totally going to try and wrap up a dirty french hipster for your birthday.