The 'Received Pronunciation' affected accent spoken by all on-air personalities of the BBC is such a turn on, I swear I must live in the wrong country. I think was supposed to have been born in the English countryside circa 1900. But it's not an entirely natural sound, it's actually a completely fabricated way of speaking tracing its use back to the ivy league types who assumed an exaggeratedly-proper sound while posted up at Oxford studying to be Lords and Chamberlains and stuff. I guess phonetics was the last bastion not separating them from the lower classes. It wasn't until the 1950s when 'The Queen's English' had a cemented rep for total snobbery, and the BBC adopted it, noses jettisoned firmly up into the air for all time.
When an English person hears RP, they think 'snoot', when I hear it, I'm happy in my pants.

Accents! Stop motion! Nice BBC promo piece shot entirely in-camera from Director, Sean Pecknold.

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