sid lee comes to toronto

Montreal-based ad peeps Sid Lee (famous for bringing you such goodness as Darth Vader in Adidas commercials, and singlehandedly responsible for making the Pilooski edit of 'Beggin' the most overplayed remix of the summer) have opened shop in TO.

If you're wondering why Sid Lee's always markedly at the top of the awesome list in the ad world, it's really because they were the first to evolve advertising's tradition business model towards something more... experiential. They teamed with a zeitgeist-grabbing architecture firm to boost brand aesthetic spatially, creating a touch-and-feel type of advertising, and making a whole new soup out of the ingredients long reserved for a sight-and-sound-only tradition. They reformed themselves as an art collective - not the typically talent-structured hierarchy. They've been known to set a group of interns to a task as whimsical as 'hey, make a cool sculpture out of these running kicks'.

They turned the whole shebang on its head and got attention by putting inspiration first, form second and application last.

They celebrated their pretty gorg new digs in Toronto's Distillery last nite.

There was an epic art battle! And enough poutine to clog all the arteries in the western hemisphere! It was coolio. Here are some pics.

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