Flash on the Beach is a speaker series held in Brighton, UK at the end of September, self-purportedly for anyone who's a 'designer, developer, coder, student, manager, game developer, artist, animator or a newbie' (covering all the bases there, I take it).

This year's promo/titles vid was a beaut - beautifully art-directed magnetic materials shot entirely in macro get their freak on.

When I was little, my Dad used to bring home the magnets veterinarians would stick in the [first] stomachs of beef cattle to catch anything they shouldn't eat but couldn't help sucking up in their great mow across the pasture. (The magnets were pre-cow of course.)

We used to rig up all kinds of Rube-Goldberg machina and neat sprung traps and tricks with those things, and magnets still hold a fascination for me. A great gift to get me for xmas would be a set of Bucky Balls, you know, if someone were getting me something. Just sayin.

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