vimeo rips off... itself

Vimeo took inspiration [*actual recipe?] from one of the vids it hosts to make a promo for its upcoming Festival+Awards show in NYC.

Damn, Vimeo, that must cut like a big kitchen knife through sticks of soft butter, and you thought nobody would notice.

I thought about flying down for the event, but tickets to get in are only $20, which made me think there wouldn't be free hors d'Ĺ“uvres or anything - and I love H.D.s.  They're the only reason I go to anything.  Actually, I love making H.D.s for dinner parties... I love making anything and everything for dinner for that matter.

Which reminds me, I'm making a cinnamon macintosh apple pie - crust from scratch - this Thanksgiving for some stellar Toronto folks as well as potatoes three ways, a honeyed ham, and mulled cider.

You're invited (not you).

Vimeo's making-of pie vid is not nearly as lovely or delicious or warm-feeling-all-over feeling as the making-of an Oslo-ian strawberry rhubard pie, sorry to say, if you're going to lift [*twice bake?] an idea, at least make it pay off.

Watch 'em both! What do you think?

Kitchen Simplicity: Strawberry + Rhubarb LOVE

Vimeo: Warm From the Oven

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