it's hackers' 15th anniversary!

But contrary to popular belief, the movie did not feature the first glimpse of Angie's sideboob, that honour goes to 1993's Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow, basically a remake of the original Cyborg, neither of which anybody actually saw, except me, when I was thirteen.
I vaguely remember the interlacing being so bad the dark spots turned to black snow on my TV, and the rest of it looking sort of like it was filmed with a navy blue gel over the lens.
Now, that could've been the VHS copy we rented from Video Tech, or maybe it was supposed to look that way.
Anyway in that film, Angelina looks like she's way too underage to be baring her breasts, so she must have already been fighting with daddy, because there are plenty of gratuitous breast shots, but I imagine they'd sort of make the average adult male feel creepy/dirty like he's been gawking at his little sister though a blue peep hole.
At thirteen, I was just fascinated because Angelina Jolie's rack is PERFECT, and I wanted a pair.
I ended up getting a pair, actually - pretty damn good, but hers are still A-One!

Happy Anniversary, Hackers! Thanks for making me wet for a crotch rocket and a pixie cut since '95.

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