space nazis!

Exiled nazis return to conquer the planet from the dark side of the moon? Yeah that sounds about right.

Production started on the soon-to-be-classic-cult film after fans micro-invested the 8.5 mil budget the Finnish filmmakers needed for lift off - the first footage and production stills are now online.

How does it look? Terrifyingly good - mostly because it's a movie the studios didn't churn out in some asinine attempt to capitalize on mundane nostalgia. It's wildly original, cheekily relevant and funded by people who want to see it. How's that for democratic filmmaking?

Now if only we could vote/auction next on which one of Hollywood's upcoming projects to kill first - I'd pay a dollar never to see a Hughes Brothers remake of Akira starring Zac Efron, I'd probably pay ten not to have to hear about a Footloose remake [oh wait], and I'd really think about dropping serious coin to stop the ridiculous Buffy reboot afoot that Joss Whedon isn't associated with in any way. Anyone want to match any of that?

Oh and if you REALLY want to barf, go here.

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